Nabila Khairunisah Arinafril, Sriwijaya University Medical Student, is named as one of 25 International Promising Young Leaders by Humanitarian Affairs, U.K.

Sincere compliment should go to Nabila Khairunisah Arinafril, a Medical Student of Sriwijaya University, who has been short-listed as one of 25 International Promising Young Leaders by Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom.

Nabila (19 yours young) is known as a very fluent-english speaking student (IELTS Score 7.5) and has been also chosen by Humanitarian Affairs as one of program coordinators in the 3rd International University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2012 which will be held in Denpasar, Bali, on August 1 to 7, 2012. Humanitarian Affairs acts as symposium'sorganizer. Nabila is also appointed as a liaison officer and translator from the organizers to the local government and villagers during the symposium.

Symposium is endorsed and supported by United Nations. It is supposed to be culminated by more than 500 students from ca 35 leading universities of the world where they will discuss on issues pertaining to poverty reduction, dtug addictions, family disharmonius, sustainable development, leadership and humanitarian work.

What did Nabila comment on this rare chance? "I am so impressed and grateful for this opportunity. From now on I am being appointed as a global citizen where I could implement the knowledge I learn from classrooms to the society for creating a better world."

Very good luck Nabila! Bring our Sriwijaya University one step forward ........



25 Juli 2012, 10:01
good luck Nabila.. grin

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