Cultural Visit 2015

29 November 2015, 00:00, dibaca 565 kali
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International students at UNSRI were joined cultural visit on Sunday, November 22, 2015. Cultural visit is aimed to introduce several prominent cultural and historical destinations in Palembang. Program was started in the morning by cruising on musi river and visited Kemaro Island. Along the river students were enjoying views of traditional house of rivermen, busy market of Pasar 16 Ilir, various boats of local tourist and tradesmen, and giant ships owned by PUSRI and PERTAMINA. Brief stop at Kemaro Island gave opportunity for students to know one of important historical sites in Palembang. Kemaro island is the home for Kelenteng and Pagoda that being regularly visited by Chinesse.

Next destionations were museum of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II near Kuto Besak Fort and The Greatest Qurán at Gandus. 

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