Visiting Fellowships in History and Sociology, Bielefeld University, Germany

Every year, the BGHS invites four doctoral researchers (two each semester) from other countries to work at the Graduate School for four to six months to promote international scientific and cultural exchange. Visiting fellows have the opportunity to use their stay at the BGHS to work intensively on their dissertation, visit degree programme courses and build contacts to our scientific community. Fellows receive a computer work station for the duration of their stipend.

The deadline for applications for a fellowship during winter term 2013/2014 (1 October 2013 to 3 March 2014, term in session 14 October 2013 to 7 February 2014) is 15 June 2013. The deadline for applications for a fellowship during the summer term 2014 (1 April to 30 September) is 15 January 2014.

All application documents should be either in German or in English.

Please email them as one PDF file to: The letter of recommendation can be mailed separately to the Graduate School. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Levke Harders at the above e-mail address.


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