Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Delegates Visit

Sriwijaya University Office of International Affairs hosted two distinguished guests from Souther Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), Tainan City, Taiwan, Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

Rector of Sriwijaya University cordially welcomed the counter visit of Prof. Assoc. Prof. Dr. TE-KUANG CHOU, Associate Dean of College of Business, and Prof. Dr. CHI-JO WANG, Associate Director of Electrical Engineering.

Circa 50 invitees from any disciplines of Sriwijaya University milieu (students, lecturers, and administration staff) took part the meeting who discussed on scientific collaboration between two universities, i.e. student and lecturer exchanges, joint-research and -publication, et cetera. Scholarships are available.

In this occassion Dr.-phil. Arinafril as Director of Office of International Affairs presented his talk on Sriwijaya University at a glance and its international collaboration.

If you want to pursue your higher education degree or carry out your experiments at STUST, please drop in our office.

An appointment prior to visit our office would be acknowledged.


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