SLE Training at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

SLE TRAINING - Training for specialized staff in international development cooperation

We see international cooperation as a global responsibility and thus train participants from "North and East – West and South". By bringing participants from different countries together with diverse professional experience and cultural backgrounds, the programme pursues an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach that is vital to development cooperation.

The heterogeneity of course participants presents a challenge and, at the same time, an excellent opportunity. SLE training is designed to meet the needs of professionals for short-term career training in the area of international cooperation.

Whether Management of Development Projects, Conflict Management and Conflict Transformation, Disaster Risk Management and Humanitarian Aid or Sustainable Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation, SLE Training offers customized courses in English for spezialized personnel active in international development cooperation worldwide.

SLE provides first-class, practice- and experience-based training, introduces practical methods and tools, and gives individual support.

Close links with Humboldt University guarantee the high standard of the course.

Scholarships are available.

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