About Us

Short Oveview

Establishment : March 2010


  • to coordinate international activities and collaborate efforts on campus and around the world
  • to provide leadership for international initiatives and strategies,
  • to coordinate development and utilization of resources
  • to work with faculty and staff members, and students in the areas of international programs and international services


  • to lead, coordinate, and articulate international initiatives, programs and services
  • to dedicate, assist, and to provide students, staff and administration members centered services
  • to foster open communication and cooperation


  • to increase the number of students invilved in international study
  • to incerease the number of international students, visiting lecturers and researchers from around the world
  • to increase the number of staff or administration members of any foreign universities


1. International Program Division (IPD)

  • to assist students with study abroad, works with international faculty and staff or administration members with curriculum development.
  • to assist faculty, staff or administration members who wish to study or conduct researches abroad,
  • to help and ease in managing service passport and process, also in establishing and maintaining international exchange
  • to promote integration of international components and considerations in the curricula.

2. International Service Division (ISD)

  • to  assist international students, faculty,  staff and administration members, with immigration (visa) and employment, tax  requirements, and travel and health insurances.  
  • to coordinate with other campus offices to develop programming and activities to insure visitors are fully integrated into the campus community.
  • to work with incoming international students,  scholars and faculty, as well as staff and administration members, to provide  valuable information, service, and advice.
  • to contribute to international educational  exchange on the campus.