About Us

Short Oveview

Establishment : March 2010


The vision of UPT Kerjasama dan Layanan Internasional is to implement the strategic roles in the internationalization process of Universitas Sriwijaya be a World-Class University.


UPT Kerjasama dan Layanan Internasional (UPT KLI) supports Universitas Sriwijaya be a World-Class University by:

a.       Implementing the development and promotion program of academic, research and human resource of Universitas Sriwijaya;

b.      Developing national and international network and cooperation 

c.       Collaborating with unit within Universitas Sriwijaya to promote research, education and curriculum development integratedly, multidisciplinary and globally;

d.      facilitating students, lecturers and administrative staffs to work together and build good cooperation with other universities and research institutes in both Indonesia and abroad;

e.       Taking part in international activities held by every unit in Universitas Sriwijaya either as initiator, facilitator or executor;

f.       Giving services to lecturers who want to study overseas andstudents who want to join exchange program;

g.      Giving qualified service system to international lecturers and students;

h.      Supporting the effort to make all community of Universitas Sriwijaya as global citizens.