Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program

ADB-JSP, financed by the Government of Japan and organized by the Asian Development Bank, aims to provide an opportunity citizens of ADB’s developing member countries to pursue postgraduate studies. The Division of Environmental Studies which is consisted of six departments, and the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS) have been designated by ADB to receive allocation with the ADB-JSP scholarship since 2000. 

The following departments are accepting ADB-JSP students.

1. Department of Natural Environmental Studies

2. Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment

3. Department of Environment Systems

4. Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies

5. Department of Socio-cultural Environmental Studies

6. Department of International Studies


If you are interested in ADB-JSP, please check your eligibility first at the ADB-JSP website.

Applicants for a master course must hold a bachelor degree from an accredited educational institution comparable to a bachelor degree offered at the University of Tokyo.

Note that ADB-JSP provides their scholarships only for students pursuing a master degree.

For application procedures and application materials please visit (